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Enerity Solutions is a high-quality software company specialized in energy industry. Enerity™ has been selected by over 70 Finnish energy and water companies. We are the market leaders in software solutions for electricity trade, transfer pricing and customer communication. We offer product-based solutions and project-specific implementation tailored to the needs of your business. We are the partners of numerous well-known operators in the energy and water industries.

Enerity Solutions

Enerity™ is product based ERP solution for Electricity trading. Enerity™ contains tools for electricity pricing, portfolio- and risk management including online services for corporate customers. From Enerity™ Solutions you will find effective tools for managing your electricity sales.



We want to achieve tangible results and implement a successful Enerity™ deployment with you. For us, a well-executed customer project is the best possible reference.

Our customers value our product-oriented approach, innovativeness and expertise in IT, project management and energy industries. We earned the rank of ’Great’ in our latest customer satisfaction survey.

We are proud of the results of our work – ask our customers or us for further details!


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