A Record Year for the Finnish Energy’s Power Outage Map Service

17.1.2020 | Our Customers

In 2019, nearly 350,000 people used the Power Outage Map service. At its best, over 10,000 people used the service in one hour, and a single storm brought more than 100,000 visitors to the site.

The power outage map is a service provided by the Finnish Energy. It shows the number of electricityless customers in Finland. The service is operated by Enerity Solutions. The power outage map has been widely used for four years and the number of users is increasing every year.

2019 was an all-time high. At peak, more than 10,000 users visited the service during one hour and during a single storm, the site had over 100,000 visitors. Throughout the year, nearly 350,000 people used the Power Outage Map service, bringing their total page hits to 8.3 million. Use of the service has increased significantly compared to the previous year, with 230,000 visitors and 5.7 million page hits.

Typical user of the Power Outage Map is a 25-44-year-old and uses a mobile phone. The share of users living in the Helsinki metropolitan area is decreasing year by year (currently 35 percent) as the service has become more widely adopted around Finland. Many Finns also check the domestic power outage situation on holidays.

Power Outage Map can be viewed by municipality and by company. The map is based on the information provided by the distribution system operators. You can see the Power Outage Map here.


Power Outage Map
Power Outage Map and Finnish users 2017 – 2019