Annual Customer Satisfaction Survey

17.12.2019 | Enerity Solutions, Top Stories

Each year in November, we conduct a customer satisfaction survey to see how we can better serve our customers and to identify potential areas for improvement. This year, 26 percent of our customers responded to the survey. Customer satisfaction increased for Enerity ™ Electricity Grid and Enerity™ Services and decreased slightly for Enerity ™ Electricity Trade and Enerity ™ Customer Messaging Services. On a scale of 4 to 10, overall satisfaction was 8.

We also asked, how likely our customers would recommend our products and services to their colleagues. This question measures the Net promoter score (NPS). This year, our NPS was 34.

In the customer satisfaction survey we received positive feedback on customer service, support, staff and customer-supplier relationship. Improvements in software updates and more customer-specific testing of software updates were identified as areas for improvement. The received feedback has been reviewed and discussed with all the staff. We have begun development work to improve customer satisfaction and have designed the necessary support processes. We will inform our customers of these prior to implementation.

“Thank you to all for providing feedback. Regular feedback from users of our services is critical to the development of our products and services. I also encourage you to provide feedback throughout the year, for example when solving service requests, so we are able to evaluate the quality of our operations all the time. I am pleased to the achieved NPS level this year. It is a satisfactory rating for an IT solution provider. However, our bar is higher. Our long-term goal is to maintain NPS 50+,” states CEO Jarmo Roiha.

We conducted a lottery among all of the respondents. This year’s lottery favored the following: Juha Kivi, Fortum; Jarno Kähö, Lappeenrannan Energiaverkot; Anni Sundberg, Lumme Energia and Max Konttinen, Nivos. The winners have been contacted personally.