As Told by Our Customers

26.9.2018 | Enerity Solutions, Top Stories

Customer survey

Tietokoura carried out an image and social media survey. The survey was conducted because the last similar survey was carried out in 2013 and we wanted to find out if the company image perceived by our customers has changed over time. In addition, we wanted to know if and how we could improve our customer communication.

The response rate was 34 percent. The survey consisted of open questions and evaluation scales. The average of all grades was 4.0 (on a scale of 1 to 5). Industry expertise (4.3) service (4.3), reliability (4.2), and references (4.2) were evaluated as the best qualities of Tietokoura. The weakest ratings were from proactivity (3.6), industry pioneer (3.7), security of supply (3.9), and price-quality ratio (3.9).


“An Innovative Software House in Energy Industry”

Tietokoura was described as a good and knowledgeable partner, customer-oriented, innovative, agile, and flexible energy software company in open questions. Better than its competitors Tietokoura was evaluated in performance, price-quality ratio, speed, agility, and commitment.

We received feedback ideas for developing software and project management. The development targets, requirements and methods was discussed in our internal meetings.

“We are very pleased with our customers’ activity,” says Jorma Laukkanen, CEO of Tietokoura. “A similar survey was conducted in 2013, with an average of 3.7. Now the average is 4.0. It is very important for us, that none of the measured items received a grade less than 3.6. We will continue to improve our approach for the best of our customers.”