BLOGCustomer Relationship and Endurance Sports

24.2.2020 | Blog

Creating, developing and maintaining a customer relationship is a long-term effort. In the relationship, the two parties are building a relationship of trust and working practices. The relationship is based on the communication and feelings of the parties, possibly even measurable goals, and the shared pursuit of the mutual benefits around the product or service. A customer relationship flourishes when it is nurtured and focused on. A good customer relationship requires time to develop – there are no quick wins.

A customer relationship is like endurance sport. Endurance sport requires a solid and devoted basic fitness on which the momentum is built. Same goes with the customer relationship. Once there is a solid foundation to build on, it is possible to reach new heights. In Customer relationships, like in endurance sports, we can also face challenges. This can happen when a common goal is not reached, either at all or in the desired schedule. However, for a well-built customer relationship, the challenges can be turned into a new platform for more successful results.

Long-term customer relationships are often referred as partnerships. In partnership, both parties make their own contribution to the relationship and gain the benefits of the partnership. Parties work together and move towards shared goals. Let’s all cherish good and versatile partnerships. Let’s maintain that basic foundation so that we, as partners, can achieve better results together.

Mikko Paalumäki

Sales Manager Mikko Paalumäki