Customer satisfaction at a high level

31.1.2018 | Electricity Distribution, Electricity Sales, Enerity Solutions, Top Stories

Tietokoura’s annual customer satisfaction survey was conducted in November 2017. Almost fifty percent of our customers responded to the survey. On a scale of 4 to 10, Tietokoura received a total score of 8.5. In 2016, the overall rating was 8.7.

“Customer satisfaction is really important to us. The growing customer base has created new requirements for our customer service, such as need to assign more personnel to customer service and support and to develop and enhance different functions. We did not achieve an overall increase in customer satisfaction from the level in 2016, in fact, overall customer satisfaction fell slightly. We have analyzed the reasons for not achieving our target level and have made plans to improve the customer satisfaction. Now we are wrapping our sleeves and striving to reach our target level. These include, such as improving the external communication, internal training of the personnel and increasing customer service resources,” says Jorma Laukkanen, CEO of Tietokoura Ltd.

Tietokoura thanks for the feedback.