Did you know that 14 Certified Power Traders work at Enerity Solutions?

29.5.2019 | Electricity Sales, Enerity Solutions, Top Stories

We encourage our staff to develop their own expertise and knowledge. One important area of expertise in our company is the electricity trade.

This year the Certified Power Trader examination test was participated and passed by four of our employees: Jaakko Timonen, Janne Kuronen, Jere Kaplas, and Jussi Loiri. Thus, the total number of Certified Power Traders in our company rises to 14 employees.

”The Certified Power Trader Program was helpful and strengthened my expertise in electricity trading. In addition, the course offered a good opportunity to network with colleagues. I expect that the information I received during the course will be useful at my work,” comments Jaakko Timonen, Product Manager of Enerity™ Electricity Grid.

Jaakko Timonen

Product Manager Jaakko Timonen
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