BLOGEasier Software Maintenance and Development with a Master’s Thesis

20.12.2019 | Blog, Enerity Solutions

I wrote my previous blog post in late 2018 about combining my work and university studies. Since then, completing my Master’s thesis was the next big step on the shared path of my studies and career. In addition to my Master’s studies, my part-time job at Enerity Solutions Oy provided an opportunity to think about what kind of Master’s thesis subject would be most beneficial for both developing the company’s operations and deepening my own technical capability.

I started my research in the spring of 2019 with the subject of automated software update process in the SaaS environment of the Enerity™ product family. The process requirements were compiled from our company staff and industry literature. This allowed for a good balance between the theory of optimal operating models and the operating environment of the software products. The end result was a realistic, well-grounded and initially tested automated software update process description and implementation plan. This plan will allow us to improve the quality of software updates.

My thesis was very positively received by both our company and LUT University, and I graduated as a Master of Science (Tech.) on November 29, 2019. I will continue to implement and further develop the update process started during the development of my thesis among other duties as a software designer in the future.

Eemeli Manninen

Software Engineer Eemeli Manninen