Enerity™ Electricity Grid Helps Nivos Take Care of Its Customers

17.2.2020 | Electricity Distribution, Our Customers

Nivos is a Finnish conglomerate that wants to make life easier for its customers. Nivos chose the Enerity™ Electricity Grid from the solutions on the market because it best represents the company’s values. “The Enerity™ Electricity Grid solution helps us take care of our customers by enabling us to plan pricing in the long term by easily analyzing different scenarios,” says Henri Klasila, Development Manager at Nivos. “The solution also brings certainty to our customers. They can trust we will find the pricing that best suits them, and that they will not experience major price fluctuations.”

Nivos is able to focus on high-quality customer service because the Enerity™ Electricity Grid reduces manual work and enables monitoring regulatory model parameters in real-time. “We will have more time for our customers and will be better able to focus on significant development that benefits them,” states Klasila.

The deployment project began in the spring and was completed on schedule in the fall. “Scheduling and process was clear to us from the start. Enerity Solutions Ltd has highly professional staff who were proactive and took the project forward. It’s great to work with such a partner,” says Klasila.


Henri Klasila
Henri Klasila in the control room of Nivos. Picture: Nivos Oy


The Nivos Group offers a wide range of products and services covering energy networks, energy and heating solutions, the Internet and water supply. At the beginning of the year, an organizational change took place, separating the asset management of infrastructure and service business into their own companies. Expert services have become available as a new business, since Nivos provides a variety of operation, maintenance and installation services. This means growth in the service business and enables better and more comprehensive product and service offering.