Electricity Trade

The Enerity™ product family provides solutions that facilitate and improve the profitability of electricity trading.

The electricity trade involves many risks and large amounts of data processing and enhancement. Enerity Solutions has delivered a multitude of scaled Enerity™ Electricity Trade products to its corporate customers.

If you are seeking a solution for electricity pricing, risk management or the communication of the related information to customers or partners, we have an off-the-shelf product or comprehensive solution for you.

We are the Finnish market leader in electricity trading systems.

We are experts in the electricity trade – just ask our customers. Our expertise will make your business even more profitable.



The Enerity™ product family includes profitability-improving functionalities and features that expedite the calculation of quotations, as well as solutions for all Finnish pricing models known to us.

Sales Portfolio Management

The Enerity™ Sales Portfolio Management product helps you to prepare for price and volume risks in electricity trading. The solution automatically updates realised and projected consumption and price information, which can be viewed at individual portfolio level on an hourly basis. Which of your contracts or customer groups are profitable and which are not?

Position Management

Enerity™ Position management product makes possible to view the position among electricity sales, hedging and production. Open position risk meter graph can be viewed at any portfolio level and gives you understanding about your risk level.

Risk Management

Companies take different approaches to risk management. Enerity™ Risk Management expands Position Management products functionalities with several reports and risk meters. Enerity™ Risk Management offers a flexible method of overall risk control. In addition to its own risk-management features, Enerity offers integration with the systems of all major risk-management partners, if required.

Online Customer Service

Customers want personalized services and seek to benefit from fluctuations in the electricity market. The Enerity™ product family includes a comprehensive range of products for interaction and reporting between the customer and company. No matter the time, you can, for example, increase the transparency of pricing and serve customers even better.

Business Reports

Enerity™ Business Reports leverage your company’s existing data. For each user group, data is imported from diverse sources in an easily understandable format. This makes status reports available for the organisation with a minimal delay.

Customer Relationship Management

Enerity™ will integrate seamlessly with your company’s account management and customer information systems. We also provide consultancy and expert services related to account management systems.


If you would like to brainstorm with Enerity Solutions Ltd’s experts, our professionals have the expertise to tackle problematic issues in the electricity trade.