Enerity™ Supports Helen Electricity Network Focus on Customer Service and Core Expertise

9.3.2020 | Electricity Distribution, Our Customers

Helen Electricity Network uses Enerity™ Electricity Grid for long-term financial planning. The Enerity™ Electricity Grid solution has been modeled with the regulatory requirements. “The system implementation was fast and professional. The solution has reduced manual work, which improves the quality of planning and enables us to focus more on our customer service and our core expertise,” says Osmo Siirto, Regulation Director at Helen Electricity Network.

Helen Electricity Network wants to enable a clean and flexible energy system. “Together with our customers, we find the best solutions and enable them to switch to clean energy, both in the grid and in our service solutions,” states Siirto. The pursuit of carbon neutrality also poses challenges for profitable growth, thus it is important to have economic planning tools. “The Enerity™ Electricity Grid solution has given us concrete benefits in the long-term economic planning. With the data and analytics it provides, we can continue to develop our business. This means even better service, new practices and reasonable electricity bills for our customers,” says Siirto.


solar power plant
Kivikko solar power plant (Picture: Helen Ltd)


Helen Electricity Network Ltd is Finland’s third largest electricity grid company, serving 395,000 customers in the capital area. Helen Electricity Grid’s security of supply is up to 99.9997%, which makes Helsinki’s grid the most reliable in Europe. This has been made possible by increased automation, the introduction of new fault management technology, and underground medium and low voltage power grids protected from storms and extreme weather.

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