BLOGExcellent Service Feedback from Customers

4.11.2019 | Blog, Enerity Solutions, Top Stories

Enerity Solutions’s customer service is centralized at the service point. Over 1300 service requests, development ideas and bug reports have already been handled this year.

Feedback concerning the services is monitored throughout the year to ensure and enhance the quality. This year, 140 customers have given feedback, and the average score on a scale of 1-5 has been 4.5.

Joni Suomalainen, Service Manager at Enerity Solutions, has worked at the service point since 2016, so he has extensive experience with the company’s service processes and practices. “The wide range of different service tasks are very familiar to me and I was happy to take charge of the management and development of the service point last September,” states Joni Suomalainen. “Although the service is highly valued by our customers, I am confident we can still improve our services. It is great to aid and support our customers with a knowledgeable and motivated team.”

Joni Suomalainen

Service Manager Joni Suomalainen