BLOGFirst Days as a CEO

5.9.2019 | Blog, Enerity Solutions

New Faces

I started as a CEO of Enerity Solutions this summer. On the morning of the first day, I met almost all employees at once, 17 of them. There were some new names and faces but also some already familiar from projects and customer cases earlier in my career. First impression was happy, brisk and youthful, and also highly motivated and educated. By the way, have you met earlier an IT service provider of which personnel more than 80% are certified power traders?

Dear Customers

I have already met some of our customers during the first weeks. The round is still in progress and it will continue the rest of the year. Positive reason for this is our big market share in energy industry. For many Customers we already deliver extensive services – and for almost all we deliver something. And of course, the target is to increase the share of wallet. The welcome has been warm within our customers. A reason for that is, I have personally known some of them for a long time. But surely a better explanation is our great customer satisfaction: the NPS of all our services is currently more than 50. I want to thank our Customers and our personnel for the great work and dedication. Thank you.

Familiar Topics

Enerity Solutions specializes in the energy industry. Our spearhead products are EnerityTM Electricity Trade and EnerityTM Electricity Grid. Both products are without a doubt market leaders in Finland and market shares are still growing. When our product manager showed me a demo of EnerityTM Electricity Trade during my first days, I  was reminded of my early years in the energy industry. I had been developing an Excel tool for supporting B2C electricity pricing. It was an advanced tool, which could take into account prices of financial products, the forecasts, and the profiles of the customers in order to calculate the value of the open position and the proposals for the prices of new sales. Compared to that Excel tool EnerityTM Electricity Trade is overwhelming: it is a commercial product with currently over 20 Retailers as users and delivering annually over 20 TWh of electricity.

Future Opportunities

I have started the strategy work with my management team and the board. It has been self-evident to me already from the beginning that our whole personnel will participate and contribute. It would be a waste not to involve our talented personnel. In practice the strategy work was started in late August when we launched an inquiry to our personnel. The goal is for everyone to have their say on how we can best help our clients succeed and in what direction we need to go in the future. The results will be utilized in crystallizing our strategy and assembled in workshops during the autumn. Together we will choose the battles, which we must win in 2020 in order to take a step closer to our vision.


Jarmo Roiha

CEO Jarmo Roiha