Helen, one of the largest energy companies in Finland has deployed Enerity™

11.4.2019 | Electricity Sales, Our Customers

“Helen is one of Finland’s largest companies offering electricity and new energy solutions. We are selling electricity to over 450 000 customers in Finland. Our customers will find the best options among our electricity products, and for corporate customers, electricity products are managed by Enerity™ Electricity Trade. We chose the market leader Enerity™ solution, which enables us to further develop our services and products,” says Jyrki Eurén, Head of B2B Business.

“It is a pleasure to have Helen as our customer and as a user of Enerity™ Electricity Trade solution. We believe the solution will help Helen achieve both external and internal goals in electricity sales. The solution will also enable future product extensions, as the solution can be easily expanded when the market or goals change”, comments Jorma Laukkanen, CEO of Tietokoura Ltd.

For more information on Helen, please visit the company’s website at helen.fi/en/