Herrfors’ Support in Electricity Sales: Enerity™ Electricity Trade

9.6.2020 | Electricity Sales, Our Customers

According to the Electricity Retail survey, Oy Herrfors Ab has the most satisfied private customers in Finland. In addition to consumer sales, Herrfors has made significant investments in corporate sales during recent years. One of these investments was the purchase of the Enerity™ Electricity Trade solution. “We wanted to improve and speed up our already high-quality customer service. In addition, the solution supports the company’s internal processes and information flow,” says Key Account Manager Johanna Övergaard from Herrfors.

“We chose Enerity™ solution because other electricity sales companies have successfully utilized third party CIS and Enerity™ Electricity Trade solutions together and the company had good references,” says Övergaard. The options available on the market were carefully compared and offers were also requested from competitors. One important decision criterion was that the electricity sales tool met all the company’s requirements. Herrfors is pleased with the decision to purchase Enerity™: “We have received a good impression from Enerity Solutions Oy and we hope that the good cooperation will continue,” adds Övergaard.


Herrfors news picture


Herrfors is a local energy company serving more than 25,000 electricity customers and employing many experts in the field. The company has been investing in renewable and diversified electricity generation for decades, enabling it to supply 100 percent green electricity to all private customers and offers it also as an option for corporate customers.