High Level of Personnel Security and Privacy Knowledge

9.10.2019 | Enerity Solutions

Our staff has a high level of security and privacy knowledge, and the skills of the employees are developed and supported, for example with various training and tests.

The most recent test was conducted in the fall. Eveveryone was required to pass. One of those who passed the test on the first try without any further studying was Software Development Manager Timo Storhammar. “As with other personnel development issues, we work actively in the field of security training, which means actively training and encouraging self-education. Information Security Manager takes care of the necessary security issues and plans the training needs. However, each employee has a great responsibility in security matters through his or her own work,” says Timo.

Information security and data protection are important issues for us and our customers. We act in accordance with the information security policy we have in place, and we take information security into account in all our activities. We also require commitment from our partners.

In accordance with our information security policy, we conduct internal security audits at least once a year. Auditing in practice ensures that we comply with our security policies. It will also assess the possible training needs of staff. For the current year, training has been held and things are well under everyone’s control. The next competence survey is planned for next spring.

Software Development Manager
Timo Storhammar