BLOGInformation Security and Privacy Are Important to Us and Our Customers

19.6.2019 | Blog, Enerity Solutions

We have a strong emphasis on information security and data protection. They are important to us and our customers.  Information Security Manager Joni Suomalainen is responsible for developing and managing the information security of our company. Read below as Joni explains how information security and data protection have been taken into account in our operations.

We prepared for the legal changes by developing an information security management system. We have implemented information security and data protection practices in our organization. These practices have been reviewed with our staff and thus we are able to provide a better service to our customers. In addition we have, in accordance with our policy, made recommendations aimed at securing the operation of our services to our customers.

We have conducted internal audits and have also been involved in external audits. It is great that the whole organization, including the top management, has been on the same page concerning the importance of information security and that these issues have been taken seriously in our organization. In fact, we have received a lot of positive feedback from our customers regarding the consideration and development of information security and privacy issues.

Enerity Solutions Ltd will continue to ensure that information security and personal data protection is implemented. For example, we strive to consider the potential risks as early as the development of the systems, and thus prepare for their prevention.

Joni Suomalainen

Information Security Manager
Joni Suomalainen