Enerity™ Electricity Trade Helps Lumme Energia Provide Ecological Electricity

21.1.2020 | Electricity Sales, Our Customers

Lumme Energia is a Finnish energy sales company that wants to help its customers choose smart and sustainable solutions. Enerity™ Electricity Trade extensions were chosen because they help Lumme Energia provide its customers with eco-friendly electricity and manage green electricity sales.

“We offer our customers a variety of eco-friendly electrical products, for instance, near-produced EKOenergy, which promotes environmental well-being. In addition, our electricity contracts support various environmental projects, such as the Viable Lake Salmon Project. Enerity™ Electricity Trade enables new kind of pricing and management of these products. It enables us to price all types of contracts and monitor the overall sales of green electricity, ” says Marko Pikkarainen, Portfolio Manager.

“The importance of the green portfolio has grown. Enerity™ Electricity Trade is also a smarter solution for our customers as it supports better price and counterparty risk management and cost-effectiveness,” states Antti Tammi, Sales Development Manager. “We have expertise in many areas and it is important for us to be able to assist the customer in all aspects of energy. Enerity™ Electricity Trade solution helps us focus on serving our customers. ”


Picture: Lumme Energia


Lumme Energia is a Finnish energy company originated in Saimaa. Lumme Energia has over 100,000 customers across Finland. Our passion is to make the future of the energy industry as a part of our customers’ lives and, through our example, to encourage people to look after our planet and the four seasons. Solarigo Systems, which produces solar energy, is part of the Lumme Energia Group. Together, Lumme Energia and Solarigo provide companies and communities with easy and responsible energy self-sufficiency without major investments.