Nivos chose the Enerity™ Electricity Grid solution

2.7.2019 | Electricity Distribution, Our Customers

“Future planning in a changing electricity grid business requires up-to-date and reliable information. In addition, the information should be easily and quickly accessible. We saw the Enerity™ Electricity Grid solution as a necessary and excellent tool for our purposes. It is great that we can automatically receive comprehensive reports to support our business planning,” comments Timo Korpelainen Director, Power Distribution from Nivos.

Enerity™ Electricity Grid reports can be scheduled to update automatically as needed, even every day. In addition to ready-made reports, the company can flexibly modify the search criteria to gain different reports for many different purposes, such as for the requirements of the authorities.

“It is great to get Nivos into the growing user base of the Enerity™ Electricity Grid solution. The solution is developed together with our customers, considering both the current needs of our customers and anticipating the future needs. Thus, our customers are satisfied with the solution and more than 80 percent of our Enerity™ network customers recommend us,” says Sales Manager Mikko Paalumäki from Enerity Solutions Oy.



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