The New Electricity Sales Company Started Operations on April 1st 2020 – Oomi Energia trusts Enerity™

6.4.2020 | Electricity Sales, Our Customers

“We wanted Enerity™ Electricity Trade -SaaS solution for electricity pricing and risk management. Our goal is to stand out from the competition with superior customer service experience and competitive prices. Electricity sales is a thin margin business where making a good profit is challenging and big losses can happen in an instant. That is why risk management in electricity sales and trading is at the heart of our operations.”

“In addition to a competitive price, various additional services are important to our corporate customers, for instance, the predictability of electricity procurement costs through reporting. Through Enerity™ Online, they can see the current situation and forecasts of their own electricity portfolios, in terms of price and energy, in their browser. We want to offer our customers easy, clear and smooth customer service. We believe that transparency in pricing is a significant part of the customer experience. Through our solutions, our corporate customers can enjoy the same benefits as the large players in the wholesale market.”

“It is important for us to choose the best partners for the various areas of our operations. Prior experience of the product and the expertise of Enerity Solutions’ employees weighed in the balance, when we chose the electricity sales and trading software for the new sales company,” says Electricity Trading Manager Marko Rinta-Korhonen at Oomi Energia.


Oomi Energia


Oomi Energia Ltd is a new electricity sales company that started operations at the beginning of April. The company was founded by Lahti Energia Ltd, Oulun Seudun Sähkö, Pori Energia Ltd, Vantaan Energia Ltd, Oulun Sähkönmyynti Ltd and its shareholders. With more than 400 000 customers, Oomi is one of Finland’s largest electricity sales companies, whose service offering also includes solutions for solar panels and charging electric cars.

“Oomi Energia’s idea is simple: we understand our customers’ everyday lives and offer affordable electricity, useful services and people-oriented customer service throughout Finland,” says CEO Tuomas Oksanen at Oomi.