Outage Map is Used by Over 700 000 Finns

14.3.2019 | Our Customers

Outage map is a web service offered by Finnish Energy. The map displays the number of non-electric customers in Finland. The Outage map has been widely used for 3 years. Over 230,000 visitors visited the site last year, with aggregate page downloads reaching almost 6 million.

“It is great for us that the service is so widespread and that it has become a business card for the Finnish Energy,” says Kenneth Hänninen, Director of Energy Networks. Thanks to the winter storm “Aapeli” at the turn of the year, we have almost reached the prior year’s visitor numbers, although it is only March. In addition, the all-time record was made early in the year, with over 70 000 visitors visiting the site in one single day.”

Outage map is used by over 700 000 Finns. Its outage data can be viewed by municipality and company. History data can be seen from the last 7 days. The map is based on information provided by electricity distribution companies and is operated by Tietokoura. You can visit The Outage map in the following address: www.sahkokatkokartta.fi.

Finnish Energy

Kenneth Hänninen
Kenneth Hänninen, Director of Energy Networks, Finnish Energy