Electricity Grid Solution

Enerity™ Electricity Grid provides solutions for strategic business planning, distribution pricing and business reporting.

Benefits for DSOs

  • Receive automated up-to-date reports.
  • Access from any device, anytime and anywhere with your colleagues.
  • Decrease key-person dependency risk with off-the-shelf software.
  • Obtain automatically data from integrations.
  • Enhance pricing and evaluation of future scenarios.
  • Forecast impact of pricing on single customers and customer profiles.
  • Visualize pricing, business planning and business monitoring.

Electricity distribution industry is developing and changing. New cost-based pricing models including, for instance, power-based correlation tariffs, will transform the pricing of distribution into more complex and versatile process. In addition, customers are increasingly demanding more rapid and exact information concerning, for instance, outages or own consumption habits.

75 percent of our Enerity™ Electricity Grid customers recommend us!

We are the experts in the electricity distribution industry – ask our customers or us for further details! With our expertise and knowledge you are able to do distribution pricing, business planning, and reporting more fluently and accurately.

Enerity™ Electricity Grid

Solution and Products

Electricity Grid

Enerity™ Electricity Grid is a standardized, cost effective solution, which enables firms to optimize profits with advanced tariff planning.

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With Enerity™ Pricing product you can price your transmission tariffs easily by calculating cause-based tariffs. Multiple pricing projects can be created to find the most preferred option.

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Business Monitoring

Enerity™ Business Monitoring offers highly customizable reports on both realized and forecasted data. The Business Monitoring reports can be used to track transferred energies, invoiced powers, revenue and a lot more.

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Business Planning

Enerity™ Business Planning product is used to calculate the regulated revenue. By calculating and optimizing the regulation it is possible to plan your business many years in to the future.

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Data Warehouse and Analytics

When you have the data, you have the power. Enerity™ can be implemented with your reporting and analytics systems by simple and standardized interfaces.

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