The responsibility of the heat supplier increases – Kuopion Energia Ltd found a solution from Tietokoura Ltd

4.12.2018 | Our Customers

Last year, Finnish Energy made a recommendation T1 / 2017 on general contract terms for district heating. The reform was influenced by the feedback from the district heat sellers, customers and authorities on the need to update the terms of the contract. The new terms and conditions include, for instance, the obligation of the heat vendor to notify its customers of pre-planned breaks, for example in case of equipment maintenance. With the Enerity™ Messaging Services solution, the district heating company can easily communicate with its customers. It is Finland’s most popular solution, which is already used by several electricity distribution and heat companies in Finland.

Significant improvement in customer satisfaction

“We have been using Enerity™ Messaging Services for over 2 years at Kuopion Energia Ltd.,” says Reima Lassila, Director of District Heating from Kuopion Energia Ltd. “With the solution, our communication with our customers has improved and enhanced. It has also had a significant positive impact on our customer satisfaction. Mobile and email-based communication is not time-bound or location-specific, and we can target it to specific customers, for example, to announce heat disruptions and other property-related events, such as meter switches, in a specific area. It is also essential that our customers are engaged as messaging users. The solution was the right choice for us because our customers’ satisfaction is the cornerstone of our operations. We also use it to comply with the recommendations of Finnish Energy.”

The most popular solution in Finland

Enerity™ Messaging Services solution is much more than basic interference communication. It is a brilliant and fast customer service that enhances customer satisfaction and increases customer loyalty. You can send messages anytime, anywhere. Even large customer groups can easily access the information they find interesting and relevant. All you need is a web connection – and not even that if the messages are set to go automatically. Enerity™ Messaging Services solution was developed for the needs of energy companies and is in use in over 50 companies in Finland.

The solution is integrated into the company’s back-end systems, such as customer information and network management systems. The service chain is automated and no manual work is required to semd the messages. The solution can be used extensively for communication between the company and its customers. It can be used to enhance communication, for example by announcing pre-planned maintenance measures. Extensive interface functionality, for example, enables the customer to be informed about interruptions or planned interruptions such as district heating, electricity or water meter switching.