Tietokoura Ltd is now Enerity Solutions Ltd

7.5.2019 | Enerity Solutions, Top Stories

We are pleased to inform you that the name of our company has changed from Tietokoura Ltd to Enerity Solutions Ltd on 7th May 2019. The change of business name does not affect any other legal information of the company, such as the business ID or bank information. Current contracts and other agreements, products and services remain unchanged.

The homepage has been updated. The new homepage can be found at www.enerity.com. The new email addresses are also in the form of firstname.lastname@enerity.com. However, the emails sent to the old tietokoura.com email address will automatically forward to our new ones.

We kindly ask you to update your records accordingly and to address all future business correspondence to our new company name. All invoices should be on our new company name after 7th May 2019.

For more information concerning the name change, please contact CEO Jorma Laukkanen, +358 45 120 6742.

For more information on the business name change, for instance, invoices or otherwise, please contact Karita Tommola, +358 40 531 3199.


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