Tietokoura’s customer satisfaction improved

15.1.2019 | Electricity Distribution, Electricity Sales, Enerity Solutions, Top Stories

Tietokoura carried out its yearly customer satisfaction survey at the end of 2018. The customer satisfaction increased in Enerity™ Electricity Trade and Enerity™ Messaging solutions, support services, and communication with customers from last year. The overall grade stayed the same, 8,5 on a scale of 4 to 10. Enerity™ Electric Grid was included in the survey for the first time.

The positive feedback consisted of listening, understanding and taking into consideration of customers’ needs, the investments and emphasis in R&D, agility, reliability, and flexibility. Our customers identified few individual topics that require improvement, and which will be taken into notion in our business processes. We have analyzed the feedback and discussed how to improve the customer satisfaction even further in the future.

Greetings from the CEO

Jorma LaukkanenThe feedback from the customer survey was slightly better compared to the one conducted the previous year. We did not achieve our target, the excellent grade, but it continues to be our goal and is within reach. In addition the survey measured our level of operation compared to other IT firms in the energy industry, and we were pleased to find out that customers see us better than the average IT providers and gave us 8,4 on a scale where 7 measured the same level.  Journey continues, and we will do our best to have a positive impact on the customer satisfaction.

The year 2018 was intense, while we had many simultaneous projects throughout the year. Our revenue increased as well as the size of our team, at present employing 18 professionals. We are really pleased it was the eight year straight on a profitable growth path despite of the significant emphasis on R&D concerning the Enerity™ Electric Grid.

On the behalf of our entire company, I want to thank our customers for the valuable feedback. Your opinion is important and helps us to become the best IT provider in the energy industry.

Jorma Laukkanen


If you want more information on our customer survey, you can contact our marketing personnel via karita.tommola@enerity.com.