Upcoming Customer Events

13.3.2019 | Electricity Distribution, Electricity Sales, Enerity Solutions

We will arrange the following customer events in spring 2018.

Development Group Meeting: Enerity™ Electricity Trade

Meeting will be held in Lasipalatsi, in Helsinki on March 14, 9:00 – 13:00. We are hoping participants from every company using Enerity™ Electricity Trade. The agenda of the meeting are the identified R&D needs based on customer needs and the changes in the markets. You can sign up for the meeting and give issues beforehand.


The annual customer event Supertiistai is admins and users of Enerity™ Electricity Trade and Enerity™ Electricity Grid.  This spring the event will take place on May 7, 9:30 – 21:30. The signing up for this event is open until April 15.