The year 2018

20.12.2018 | Electricity Distribution, Electricity Sales, Enerity Solutions, Top Stories

We want to thank our customers, partners, and our great team for the passing year 2018. It has been a great and successful journey
which we could not have done it without you!

Tietokoura Ltd
The year 2018 has been the eighth year in a row on a path of profitable growth. Our turnover has continued to increase, and our great team consists of 18 fine professionals at present. We have invested considerable amount of money in R&D, as usual: our R&D costs are over 20 % of our revenue. We have gained many new customers and entered an entirely new business area: electricity distribution.

Enerity™ Messaging Service – over one million messages
Over one million messages have been sent through our Enerity™ Messaging Service during the year 2018! R&D has focused especially on different interfaces. There are new extensions to existing CIS/DMS interfaces which enable the automatic transfer of information between different systems. We have optimized the sending process which has considerably increasing the speed of the delivery in all our customer companies. We aim to continuously improve our solutions – and customers and partners have an important role in this process. If you have new development ideas, please contact us via

Enerity™ Electricity Trade – evolving solution
Enerity™ Electricity Trade solution was already used by over 20 electricity trade companies in Finland and we have gained many new customers during the passing year. We continuously keep track of energy industry and develop our solutions with the assistance of our customers and partners. The energy industry is in constant change. Solutions, software and services can be used to automatize and enhance processes and to increase the quality. Thus, we offer you our expertise based on several decades.

Enerity™ Electricity Grid – the newest member in the Enerity™ product family
What comes to the Enerity™ Electricity Grid solution, the year 2018 has been significant. The R&D was started in 2017 and the project advanced rapidly in the beginning of 2018. The customers involved in the development process gained access to the software before summer and the solution was ready by the end of the year. Enerity™ Electricity Grid – the newest member in the Enerity™ product family – is designed for the strategic business planning, pricing and calculating the regulated reasonable rate of return.